Why IT Consulting is needed for businesses

July 17, 2018by mn@20180

Traditionally, our society is not technology savvy in Nepal, and many big industries still see not much importance of IT Consultant in Nepal. However, the Nepal Government is getting more and more tight in IT governance. We can take billing software as an example. It is illegal to use the billing software in Nepal which is not registered with IRD.

Too many IT Problems

We have seen lots of mid-sized company in Kathmandu are badly suffered when it comes to IT governance, mainly because of the lack of consultancy, which many companies have no idea and some who has, might think it’s expensive.

The IT problem is actually a knowledge/understanding problem in many organizations. What the owner think is I have hired an IT guy so he is going to do digital marketing, Oh! he will make the internet go faster with even slow internet speed. He will build a website for me. etc etc. And sometimes what happens is some guys know a bit of all them and claims to the owner that he can do everything. Things go OK for a while and then crush begins when it comes to delivery and report because nobody is perfect.

IT Consultant in Nepal has landed and / High Performance delivered

Do you believe it? Yes and No. Not all consultants are equal, neither do all clients. A consultant will first understand your business requirement and break down your need into the working process with affordable and high-performance solutions, that you can never do alone even spending 10 times more cost. Why? Because if you don’t have consultants you need to believe in what your vendor says, and what your friends, staff, or neighbor says. They will speak in their interests and may vary opinions but a seasoned consultant will purely speak for your business, who actually understand your spending capacity, your company needs, and the vendor’s pitfalls or good features.

An IT consultant in Nepal, sometimes even hires another consultant who is a specialist in that area. A consultant is only going to understand when another specialist consultant says, ” Slow query is enabled in your MySQL server !”.. ” You need Nginx with varnish to flawlessly serve 1 million users in a day !”…. ” Look your antivirus does not have spam control and it won’t protect you from ransomware”.. ” Ops your DHCP lease are all used!! etc…etc.

Rookie Consultant Failed and a Company failed too?

Many consultants fail to do the job because they are too good in convincing but a freak ass who actually can’t do a lot in the field. A consultant should be able to at least fully understand the purpose, workflow, and administration of that software or machine who s/he is consulting. Should be able to provide an immediate alternative if the system is down.

However, working culture makes difference sometimes, the problem gets even worse when a consultant is not regularly monitoring systems in his contract period, or when IT guys try to fix broken systems and call consultants as a last resort.

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