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July 24, 2018by Mero Network0

Lets design website and start digital marketing for Travel agents

Designing website is an art, but designing website with client requirement and understanding nature of thier business is a success.

What I find is there are as many digital agaencies as travel agents, who want cheap website with the best results. I have found that the website is prepared within as less as three days and delivered to clients. I have also seen that those kinds of site takes more than three years to just even appear in google.

Travel website needs more online marketing than other nature of business. Travel owners simply doesn’t know who will be there next customers. Also all travel agents doesn’t have same goals while others want to cover every theme in Travel fields. For example some travel agents only wants to focus on Kailash Manasarovar while some only want to focus in flight tickets.

What features to include in travel website design and development ?

As said earlier, we must focus on our specialities not just in general, then again we should make a very easy communication process.

  1. Pull as little information and as quick as possible from online visitor, then dig deeper and understand what customers want.
  2. Don’t make a huge complicated enquiry or booking system.
  3. Give as mush information as possible, with video and downloadable brochure if possible. Don’t copy the web page content in eBrochure.
  4. Include online chat facility and include phone number as well.

There are some basics that needs to be done when creating webpage and doing digital marketing for travel agents.

Here are few tips for improving Travel Contents

  1. Create Wikipedia page if you have good references to your business
  2. Create Trip Advisor page
  3. Get referal from OTA’s like bookmundi. There are many others like that.
  4. Don’t copy the suppliers itenerary. If you do, you are finishes. Google always looks for fresh and Genuine contents.
  5. Affiliate with as much OTA as you can.

You are not OTA, Online Travel Agent

May be you wish to become one but a general travel agencies who are already there in business since many many years do already have customer base in some specialization, let say you have lots of experience in trekking or peak climbing. Then you focus on that, do a digital marketing on that, write a blog on that. Online huiring digital agency for  your company content is not enough. You must have good IT coordinator within company or DIY, otherwise there will be a gap again.

You can be a OTA, offcourse. Then you need some specialization on your hand. You must offer unique service that guest must be happy to take it. Otherwise just doing what others doing in online can sometime be a drop of water in the ocean.

Good luck your with travel site.


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