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January 9, 2019by Mero Network0

Digital Marketing in Nepal

We can see Digital Marketing progressing in Nepal from Last 2-3 years. Previously, People did not know much about digital marketing, how to start and grow a YouTube channel, Google Ad Sense, Google Ad words and such now, people have started to  harness the  power of the  internet and  social media to grow  business. As Internet service provider has started providing internet with a faster speed at affordable prices, the revolution in the digital marketing field has occurred. The table has turned in the favor of digital marketing in Nepal.

digital marketing in nepal

Digital Marketing companies and individuals have been growing in Nepal and doing their best. As I know two years back there were just a few of digital marketing company in Nepal. If you are thinking that all IT companies are digital marketing companies, then you are absolutely wrong. Companies who provide java, j Query, Programming, website design and development, PHP services do not fall into a digital marketing. Let’s be clear what a digital marketing is about.

Digital marketing in Nepal

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a marketing process that uses electronic devices and internet access for a marketer to reach over potential customers. Businesses use online channels such as social media, search Engine Optimization (SEO), email, and website to connect with customers, which are digital marketing approaches. With increasing internet uses over time, the world is digitalizing rapidly than anyone has ever imagined. The numbers of people who go online are increasing every day. Google, Facebook, Instagrame, Amazon, Apple Etc. are the giant companies and they are making fortune from digital marketing.

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