5 ways of digital marketing in Nepal that will help you get more exposure

September 26, 2019by mn@20180

If within one hour you can explain your services to one customer personally, then at the same time you can explain the very same thing to thousands of customers through the internet. That’s the power of the internet marketing.

 So, What exactly is Digital Marketing? At present, the Internet is accessible anywhere and everywhere. The traditional way of marketing includes some of the strategies like Field marketing, announcing your services by self-involvement among the mass. However, the way of marketing has changed a lot in recent times because Digital marketing is chart-topping. It is the way of using every possible internet resource to get the customers access and interact with you. Digital Marketers can flow your information through one-click among millions of viewers. Hence, every business owners either in developed or developing countries like Nepal prefer modern techniques of Marketing. Digital Marketing in Nepal is evolving continuously.

It is a well-known fact that Nepal is a developing country in every sector. Technology is getting more advanced day by day. People are using technical gadgets on a daily basis for business, personal, entertainment, research, and many more purposes. So, Everything begins with our mobile phones and the internet. There is a wide variety of mediums to connect with people. Moreover, not only the young ones, children as well as old age people are using the internet. Therefore, without a doubt, Digital marketing in Nepal is one of the rising factors. 

For the support of growing your business through Digital marketing in Nepal, there are various search engines, portal sites, online transaction sites, social media, etc.

Some fields of business like Travel and Tourism have already accepted Digital Marketing in Nepal completely yet some fields are still unknown about it. The main reason behind this is a lack of information about how important is Digital Marketing in Nepal. Following are 5 possible ways that Digital Marketing in Nepal can help you to explore the market and grow your business.

#1  Have You heard about Search Engine Optimization? 

 There are many aspects that a search engine detects while crawling through your websites. Having a well managed, responsive and quality website is very essential in recent times to rank on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, Alexa, etc. There is a good number of SEO specialists available in Nepal. Also, the Digital Marketing companies in Nepal provide SEO as a part of Digital Marketing in Nepal.

Source of Image: agency.media

One undeniable fact is people usually don’t visit the second or third page of SERPs. They interact with those sites which are ranked on the first page only. And SEO is the way to get the ranking task done. And If you are getting SEO as a part of the package “Digital Marketing in Nepal” then it’s fruitful. Hence, SEO is a way that most of the traffic visit your site and your business will get more exposure. The above chart comprises of what are the major aspects of SEO or if you want to know more and detail about it you can contact to any Company that provides service of Digital Marketing in Nepal or else you can go through the internet.

 #2 Paying an employee and getting one customer of paying the search engine(PPC campaign) and getting thousands of customers?

PPC campaign can draw a large number of leads within minutes. PPC (Pay per click is the campaign for showing your business site at top of search results). It is also called as the inorganic way of SEO. After starting a PPC campaign you have to pay the amount according to the number of clicks you get in your website. SEO is time taking process whereas PPC is effective and quick.

You can convert your leads to your customers through this process efficiently. And these paid ad service is not only provided by search engines but also by social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.PPC has a huge role in flourishing your business and considered a major part of Digital Marketing in Nepal.

 #3 CONTENT is always the King 

Content marketing is one of the powerful ways of marketing. “Content is the King” – This saying is very popular in the field of Digital Marketing in Nepal. Creating, nurturing and publishing the reliable and relevant content can sell your business at a maximum level. Digital Marketing in Nepal keeps content marketing as a top task because it helps to rank in search engines as well. Consider some points written below about content marketing:

  • Choose a group of Target Audience
  • Create contents like Articles, blogs, graphic designs, infographics, etc.
  • Attract the audience through quality content. 
  • Convert audiences into customers.

 #4 Learn how social media helps Digital Marketing in Nepal 

At present, almost every person has at least one social media account in Nepal. Increasing the reach in your business service and sites is much easier through social media. Also, content plays a major role here. Attracting and convincing visual content is so important if you want to use social media efficiently. For this hire a Digital Marketing company in Nepal where they provide professional designs and visual content for your business.


The companies can help you with drawing the attention of targeted customers through advertisements campaign as well. They attract, interact and lead your customers on your behalf.

 #5 You shouldn’t worry about Local Listings, reviews about your business.

If your customers Tcannot find your location through the internet then they might lose interest in your service.  So If you take a package of Digital Marketing in Nepal, the companies assure you that your location appears on the internet. Also, They monitor what your customers think about your service and suggest about the improvements you need to make further. Review management is one of the crucial things in the world of Digital Marketing in Nepal because one bad comment can take your business down.

One of the review collection and management site is TripAdvisor.com

Hence, you must consider the way of marketing your business if you want to be established among the market of Nepal. 


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