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Admin Officer & HR

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Basic Job Information

1 Year

You will serve as an Administrative Officer in the Mero Network.


1. You will be carrying out various administrative and supervisory functions to accomplish company mission objectives covering a wide range of highly diverse duties to facilitate overall office management.

2. You will oversee the implementation of manpower procedures to ensure proper staffing and effective utilization of the workforce.

3. You will prepare correspondence and other paperwork regarding selection, onboarding, promotion, reassignment, award/recognition, and performance evaluation matters for submission to appropriate officers, offices, and human resources professionals.

4. You will be responsible for office timekeeping procedures and implementation, including the company ERP.

5. You will oversee and facilitate personnel information technology assets, system access requests, telework requests, travel and allowance management, and access to shared drives, databases, and other systems.

6. You will support organizational Human Capital initiatives (e.g., career development, workforce, security, training, travel and facilities management).

7. You will develop a course of action for improving management plans, including long-term strategies, goals, objectives, and standard operating procedures necessary to meet new and existing program requirements.

8. Other


1. Work attitude: Determined, hardworking and should possess a learning attitude

2. Education: Bachelor's Degree Preferable, Fresh +2/A-level graduates can apply

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