Mero CRM Software in Nepal

Customer Relationship Management

Custom CRM Software in Nepal, already used in Education,Trading, IT, Travel, Hotel, Engineering and Call centres.

MeroCRM A Custom Customer Relationship Management Software
Task Management

Create a meeting, call, or any other tasks related to enquiry or projects

Lead Management

Don’t miss any future customers. Track the enquiries (Leads) and convert them to your clients.

Send Email and SMS

Send email or SMS straight from the apps and you can also check the history.

Send Quotes

Easily send quotes from the premade template to customers via email.

Support System

MeroCRM has built in support system where customers can complain owners or support team via website.

Visual Reports

Nice visual graphs of various reports. You can always customize reports.

Bulk SMS and Mails

You want to send Group SMS or Group mail? doesn’t matter how many. It’s possible.

Simple and Powerful CRM Dashboard

This CRM software carries almost the majority of businesses’ sales and marketing load. Using CRM Software in Nepal with the right feature can be a breakthrough in your business. There are a lot of CRM software in Nepal. Choosing the best one will only make a difference. It’s very important to know your sales requirement.

At MeroCRM(Specially designed CRM Software for Nepal, we customize the software as you like it.

Clients and Contact Management
Manages the contact informations in searcheable database. provides easy access
Enquiries and Sales Opportunity Management
Helps in discovering, scoring, and moving leads through the sales funnel, and manage the process of converting prospects into potential customers (leads).
DSR, Daily Sales Report
Get regular sales figures or sales rep performance summaries (e.g., on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc., basis).
Campaigns, Budget and ROI Management
Plan your budget for marketing campaigns and also helps in predictions of ROI.
Proposal/Contract Management
Streamline process for your new proposals and contract management, improves consistency of contracts, requirement mapping and proposal writing.
Invoice Management
Create and automate the multiple invoices in one platform. Handles the flow of invoices properly.
Customer Behaviour Tracking
Activities of customers are tracked, traced and monitored. You can plan your further actions based on these data.
Client Follow Up Management
Follow up your customers effectively through bulk email system and calls so that you won't miss out any potential customers or existing customers.
Project Management
Helps in acheiving the project goals through tracking of every step and activities done to execute . Can be used for multiple projects

Why prefer MeroCRM over other CRM?

Can I customize CRM ?

Sure you can customize CRM. It’s built-in Laravel.

How do I get Support?

You can get support directly from Meronetwork or you can hire PHP laravel developers.

Is there a access control level ?

Yes, there is a user access control system.

Is there a low price version of CRM ?

Yes, signup at

What is SaaS ?

Software as a Service is not a product to install. It’s rather a service provided over the internet and you can use the software in a browser. It needs no hardware and maintenance.

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Copyright 2021. Meronetwork. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021. Meronetwork. All rights reserved.