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Upgrade your hospitality Services through technologyMeronetwork Hotel Management Software

Our Web based hotel management software is capable of automating your day-to-day operations from anywhere and anytime. This application software is suitable for Banquet venues, POS and Hotels. It is one of a easy platform to manage your customers, their details,bookings, payments, service and accommodations. Also, it is very reliable for all scale hospitality businesses.
Reservation Management
Reservation Calendar
Guest History
Room Overview
Customer Profiles
Reservation Agents
Front-Office Management
Expected Arrivals/ Departures
In-house Guest Lists
Rate Plans
Alert System
Front Office Cash
Deposit/ Billing
Folio Transactions
Front Cash
Currency Rate update
Invoice List
Recipe Management
Recipe Planning
Recipe Formula
Recipe Routing
Recipe Workstations
Recipe Stat
Financial Management
Hotel Night Audit(EOD)
POS Accounting
Purchase Management
Sales Book
Account Reports
Loyalty Card Report
The Accountant
Cash Flow and Day Book
Chart of Accounts
Debtors List
Voucher Entries
Income and Banks
Purchase Book
Marketing Management
Help Desk
User Guide
Bulk Email
SMS Campaigns
Email Campaigns
Inventory Management
Cost Center
Issued Stock Items
Product Statement
Purchase Order
Stock Adjustments
People Management
Human Resource
Requests Management
Shift Manager

Simplified System with Easy User Interface


Is it a helpful hotel management software in Nepal ? Why HotelSuite ERP ?

Very less learning curve
Commission Free Online Booking
Inhouse or Cloud based
Keep Track of Day-to-Day Operations.
Manage and Operate your multiple Outlets.
CRM, HR, Payroll and Backoffice integrated
Multi-platform Operation.
Unlimited free local training and support !

Restaurant POS Software

This software  {a part of hotel management software in Nepal} is also suitable for restaurants to use as POS Software. Our software can help you manage each negligible to crucial task every day. Some of the major features of our software are:

Order Management
Manage the process of receiving orders, tracking them and fulfill the orders of your customers exactly.
Menu Management
Plan, adjust, use the menu . Design different menus for special occasions .You can avoid the missed orders, wrong details like rates etc through sofware.
Invoice and Billing Management
Automate your invoice and billing system with speed and accuracy.
Categories Management
Help your customer to locate what they want to order through proper category management.
Daily Customer Support
Customer support is very essential so that you won't miss any enquiry. This software can help you with managing the sales and more through customer support feature.
Staff Management
Maintain the hierarchy of staffs for proper management of responsibilities and perform the duties effectively.

Banquet Management Software

Another application of our ERP Software can be in the Banquets and Event Management Sector. Major Benefit of using our Software is that you do not need to have minor multiple systems for different tasks and departments. This banquet management software can help in:

Banquet Programs

Banquet Resources
Banquet Enquiries
Banquet Quotations
Venue and Space
Event Type Management
Banquet Setup
Banquet Calendar
Rates Management

Sales Automation

Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel or banquet streamline your sales and marketing process with SMS and email integration with any vendors:

Mobile App For Lead Follow and Management
Marketing Options
Website and Online Integrations

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Copyright 2021. Meronetwork. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021. Meronetwork. All rights reserved.