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Mero Network Manufacturing Software Solution

A simple yet powerful self-service manufacturing ERP Software. Offering with oodles of features in it for the management of production, stock, customers, purchases, finance, and many more. Helps to integrate all your manufacturing activities and transaction.

Mero Network Manufacturing Software solution gives you the ability to track all your manufacturing lot costs right down to the individual serial number of your products.

Why Meronetwork MRP?

This manufacturing Software works as a remote service with very rare maintenance windows.

Easy to use and understand.

It streamlined your production, and procurement so well so that you can work on growth and sales.

Extremely comprehensive and works seamlessly.

In fact, a large group of Manufacturing Companies like Dolphin Group has been using this manufacturing software in Nepal.

MRP Software Features

Accurate production planning and reporting

Provides an accurate lead time when quoting and improves the production planning. Enhance equipment efficiency and utilization by adopting real-time reporting.

Real –time Inventory Overview

Get prior information about stock details that present stock-outs, lower inventory levels, automate inventory transactions, view purchase requirements, track lots, and more.

On-time Deliveries

Improve and ensures  customer satisfaction, estimate costs,  lead times and shorten lead times along with ship promptly.

Complete solution

Ensure seamless communication between sales, production, warehousing, procurement, administration, and finance.

Production planning

Generate benefits from accurate automatic planning and a realistic production schedule function. Reschedule the orders and manages by dynamically dragging manufacturing orders and operations.

Stock Management

Manage your inventory and stock along with their batch and serial number.  Set and optimize stock levels at the firm and avoid the stock out. Maintain a clear history and reports of your stock operations and transaction.

Sales Management

It just takes a few clicks to calculate the cost of the product and the best delivery time. Send quotations and invoices, prepare shipments, dispatch confirmed customer orders to your production team, and track the end-to-end sales process from quotation to delivery using a single system software solution.

Team Management

Simple environment for line workers to view tasks on a PC or a mobile device. Real-time reporting, and a real-time overview of the demand & supply, and availability of manpower in the organization.

Purchase Management

Manage the purchase and raise pre-filled purchase orders with a single click. Vendors, pricing, lead times- it’s all there in a single system. Manage your supply chain using accurate statistics data and forecast the needs.


Monitor your cash inflows & outflows, balance sheet, and profit/loss on a real-time basis. Analyze the profitability of the business and many more.

Working as the most reliable manufacturing software in Nepal for years. You can also get the demo versions to check whether it fits within your organization or not..