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MeroBazar is a online classified portal for your website, a responsive php classified script, which is secure flexible and easily customize functionality or design.

Software Features

Social Authentication
Facebook, Google, Twitter or other Social media users can easily create accounts on your site using their details without going through registration. 

Login Attempt Control
Login attempt control for admin and user interfaces keeps your site from brute forcing by hackers and different automatic scripts blocking them for one and more hours and protecting sensitive data of your users.

Ad Manager
With ads arranged into a user-friendly grid and all functions being handy you can easily manage ads: edit, activate ads, approve multimedia etc.

Category Manager
The manager allows you to manage categories, build seo-friendly urls, make subcategories inherit fields from other categories etc.

User Manager
You can enable, disable, block or chnage the group of user from admin panel

Quick Favorites
Even if your users are not logged in or registered they will still be able to add ads to Quick Favorites by clicking on the star icon.

Rating Ads
A simple and time-tested way for users to evaluate ads in terms of fullness, multimedia uploaded, wording and other aspects.

Google Maps
A powerful tool from Google enabled for every listing and showing ads and values of location-related fields on the Maps.

To boost performance and reduce server load MeroBazar offers caching of such frequently used data as submit, search forms and categories.

News and Blog
You can take advantage of full fledge News and  blogging platform for your site apart from member Listing

Advanced Extra Fields
MeroBazar Extra Field feature provides a means of adding specific information acording to a listing category. Make the field searchable, displayable or required. This features allows to create  dynamic category, where you will see a automobile category has different type of listing than a mobile category.

Want Mobile apps for your site
Half of the work is already done, we can build a mobile apps for you based on the website database and information or you can create your own, You have support for this.

Great Support
Top support, we are there when you need us . We understand that you want more than a script!


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