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Most Reliable Billing Software in Nepal

This is the most reliable Billing Software in Nepal. MeroNetwork Billing software solution is designed for Computerized billing. This Software solution is stocked with all billing features within a system which will give you the complete solution for the billing function of your business firm. This software can be used on different Business verticals from trading houses, restaurants, and educational institutions to medical shop distributors, advertising agencies, vehicle dealers.

Many renowned companies are already using this billing Software in Nepal. And they are quite comfortable with the interface as well as the results.

Software Features

Payment & Reconciliation
Simplify your payments & bill-by-bill reconciliation using Mero Network Billing Software.
Online import purchase
No need to feed manual purchase data. Import bills from any excel format to save time with 100 % accuracy.
Bills, O/s on whatsapp
Send invoices, Outstandings, stock and Sale analytics, etc. & various reports to the customer directly on WhatsApp through software
Direct Calling
Simplify the process of Taking Orders, connect the mobile system with the software solution system by scanning generated QR codes and make calls directly to the order receiving customers.
My Shop QR code
Helps in listing your product by uploading the product, schemes, offer in QR code. Print & paste outside shop/ counter where customer can directly scan & place orders.
eRetail Web Application
Directly place online orders to distributors & check the status of all orders, view nearby distributors, schemes inside Mero Network
Inventory Management
Manages the Stock Level, expiry stock level and helps in set reorder points to replenish stock with Push sale features.
Purchase & Sales Claim
Timely reminders from the system let you keep track of benefits of claim against the purchase which is related to claims & statement features.
Live Credit Limit Management
Set the time limit and track the credit limit for the customers to escape from the huge losses. Get live notifications by pop up on the screen during billing whenever the limit is reached.

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Copyright 2021. Meronetwork. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2021. Meronetwork. All rights reserved.