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Remote work Ready! Supports Timesheet, Mobile, Web and Biometric Attendance. Geo-Tracking enabled


Several Features with 100% effectiveness

Project Management

Using Meronetwork HRM software you can have ease in management of tasks and shifts of employees

Track the tasks assigned to employees

Manage the timesheet and payments

Define goals according to projects

Shifts management

Project Calendar
Time Sheet
Manage Shifts
Manage payments
Job Vacancies
Track Applications


Never lose a competitive employee due to poor recruitment process

Manage your openings and closing of multiple positions.

Get all the job applications directed at one point

Make the hiring process easy and hassle-free.

Screen CVs and schedule interviews

Leave and Holiday Management

Plan all the official holidays before starting a new year

Leave application and approval will be a easy process

Employees can easily apply for leave.

Get instant reports of leave taken by employees

Manage Leaves
Holiday plan
Salary Records
Make payment
Generate payslip
Payroll Summary

Payroll Management

Effective and flexible payment definition

Provident fund, overtime Management

Make payments

Generate payslip for records

Overall payroll reports generation

Peoples Management

Personal Information System

Supervise Department and Designation

Web attendance

Or use Biometric System

Training and travel management

Knowledge Management

Web Attendance
Biometric system
Travel management
Department control
Indicate Performance
Employee Evaluation

Performance Appraisal

Know which of your employee is performing better

Trace their distinct features and make suggestions

Get performance Report

Enhance growth of employees and company

Document  Management

Effortless Documentation control

Letter Generation – Designation, Offer Letter, Bank Letter, etc

Grievance handling along with assets required

Asset issue and tracking

Issue Proposal
Contracts Management
Generate Letters
Instant chat
Group Discussion
File sharing

Discussion and Chats

Instant texting with colleagues

File sharing through inbox

Team announcements

Effective Discussions

Event Management

Organize and plan events

Event venues records

Collaborate with people helping in organizing events

Plan Events
Venue Management
Welcome newcomer
Assign tasks
HR tools


Tools for newcomers

Help Recruiters with tools they need

Assign tasks to new  employees

Make a new employee familiar with the organization

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